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SDCC 2011: SWTOR invites you to join the fight with a new in-game trailer


Earlier today, Massively reported about some of the new announcements BioWare gave us at San Diego Comic-Con. However, with Star Wars the Old Republic, the visuals always out weigh the prose, so the community team created a brand new video highlighting the motivation of each character class. The Jedi Knight is looking to rid the universe of darkness; the Trooper wants all Imperials dead; the Smuggler has nothing more to lose; and the Consular follows the Force. On the flip side, a Sith Warrior writhes with hatred; the Bounty Hunter lives for danger; Agents fight for the Empire; and Inquisitors wish to wipe them out... all of them. Which side will you take when you join the fight?

As previously stated, SWTOR will have a limited launch, so the BioWare team is encouraging you to pre-order as soon as possible. Catch the full trailer after the break, and pay close attention to the warzone in which the factions are fighting. Is that Corellia? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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