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Cooking Mama 4's plush pre-order bonus


How can one learn to cook properly without Mama watching, judging your every move? Pre-order Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic for 3DS from GameStop and you can take a Mama doll home with you. Just place her atop the refrigerator and feel her disappointment magically turn you into a better cook. It's the ultimate tool in negative reinforcement.

Don't let the soft demeanor fool you, there is darkness in Mama that dwarfs that of domestic diva Martha Stewart. One doesn't reach 12 million global sales without being a "Business Mama" as well. Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic will pull a dinner out of its hat this October.

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Pre-order 'COOKING MAMA 4: KITCHEN MAGIC' on Nintendo 3DSTM today and snag an exclusive Mama plush doll!

EDISON, N.J., – July 25, 2011 - America's favorite Mama wants to come home with you! Majesco's Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic for Nintendo 3DS™ is now available for pre-order at GameStop with a special Mama bonus! Those who pre-order the game will receive an exclusive plush Mama doll you can't find anywhere else. Mama's 3DS debut features a range of new kitchen activities, recipes and fun 3D surprises, so head on over to and reserve your copy today.

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic invites you to join Mama in the kitchen as she whips up true culinary masterpieces. Featuring countless new recipes and innovative dish combinations, you can learn the secrets of a chef through animated kitchen activities. The 3DS gyroscope allows you to cook in advanced new ways; whether you want to crack eggs, balance plates of food or grate cheese, achieve all of this and more participating in 3D events. With over two hundred mini games to choose from, Mama will show you how to chop, slice, stir, knead, roll and toss your way to being a top chef. Choose from 60 mouth-watering recipes to prepare for your friends and see if you have what it takes to beat the time-based activities and earn bronze, silver and gold medals. Work side by side with Mama to learn new recipes and work your way to becoming a true kitchen master!

With more than 8.5 million units sold to date in North America alone, the Mama franchise continues to grow and offer players exciting new experiences. Developed by Cooking Mama Limited, Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic for Nintendo 3DSis slated to release this fall. For additional information on the Mama franchise, please visit

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