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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Hero Teams


Hero Teams is a turn-based action strategy title for the iPhone, but you will probably recognize what all of that means a little better if I just say it's a lot like Worms. Basically, you put together a team of characters who get placed on a 2D map, and then you can throw, fire, and generally toss a bunch of different weapons at each other, blowing up the environment and your enemies until the best man wins.

Unfortunately for Hero Teams, Worms already exists on the App Store, and since both games are just US99 cents, I don't have a lot to recommend this one over that one. But the look of the game is definitely different (it's sort of a hand-drawn thing, slightly above stick-figure level), and the levels are a little bit more close-quarters than Worms' were. The game also offers 50 different levels to play through, and Bluetooth multiplayer as well, so if you're full up on Worms but can't get enough of this type of game, there you go.

Neither of these games has stepped up with Game Center integration or online gameplay, unfortunately. It'd be nice to see that added in the future -- a game of turn-based combat like this, sent back and forth with push notifications, would be a lot of fun.

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