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Indulge your phantasies with new Phantasy Star Online 2 info, screenshots, and videos


Anyone with fond memories of jumping into Phantasy Star Online back on the Dreamcast (may it rest in peace) will surely be excited to hear that a bevy of new information, screenshots, and videos have been released for Phantasy Star Online 2. In PSO2, the player is part of a planetary investigation team known as the Arks. It would seem that the Arks are tasked with flying about the galaxy to strange new planets, meeting the inhabitants of said planets and killing them. Sounds fun, right? Right.

Right now, there are four confirmed weapons: swords and wired lances for Hunters, assault rifles for Rangers, and the gunblade-esque gun slash for all classes. Battlefields are randomly generated for each mission, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting, and can include a variety of random events that are sure to keep players on their toes. PSO2 also introduces multi-party areas, which -- as the name would imply -- allow multiple parties to venture forth for fun and profit. Players are allowed a main class and a subclass, and instead of having overall character levels, the game utilizes class levels for each class the player has taken. There's much more information where this came from, so we recommend any players who are looking forward to PSO2 (or who are just feeling a bit nostalgic about the original) go check out the full posts. And lastly, for your convenience, all of the new screenshots have been collected in the gallery below, and the new videos are just past the cut.

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