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Age of Wulin videos reveal interesting skills, non-combat gameplay

Jef Reahard

Age of Wulin hasn't gotten a lot of press in western markets as of yet, but the free-to-play martial arts title is one that bears watching. Aside from its appealing visuals, ancient Chinese setting, and Wuxia-style story elements, the game boasts quite a few departures from the standard MMORPG formula.

The most obvious is a progression system that lacks traditional levels, but according to a preview at MMO Culture, that's not Age of Wulin's most interesting feature. The title reportedly makes use of a life skills system which includes gathering, fortune-telling, crafting, fishing, and begging (as well as 12 other skills that have yet to be revealed).

Yes, we said begging, and the mechanic apparently involves a degree of anonymity when dealing with fellow players. Age of Wulin also features epic quests tied in to something called the miracle system, as well what looks to be a fairly deep guild and territory control minigame. Click past the cut to view a few gameplay videos including footage of combat, training, miracle, begging, and guild systems, and keep an eye out for players involved in unusual MMO activities including drawing and Chinese chess.

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