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Madden NFL 12 demo coming August 9, pits Bears against Packers

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Whether you're a diehard Green Bay Packers or Chicago Bears fan, you've probably had last year's NFC Championship game running through your mind on repeat, refilling you with the thrill of victory or agony of defeat, respectively. Today, EA Sports announced that you'll be able to have a hand in the proceedings August 9, when the Madden NFL 12 demo arrives on Xbox Live and PSN, giving you a 20-minute, four-quarter recreation of the Packers-won contest.

The rosters of each team will be, of course, a tad outdated thanks to the very, very recent settling of the NFL lockout. EA Sports confirmed on Twitter that a launch day update will reflect the free agent changes that happen over the course of this week. Until then: Just relive that thrill/agony in its purest form.

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