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Second Glendale, California Apple Store to open Saturday


The second Apple store in Glendale, California will open at 10AM this Saturday -- and it's only 600 feet away from the entrance of the first Glendale store. That makes the two Glendale store the closes Apple stores in the chain, according to ifoAppleStore. Apple's first Glendale store was the second Apple retail store to open and visitors say that it's so packed it's hard to get shopping done, which is probably the reason Apple opened another store so close.

ifoAppleStore also offers some other location trivia about Apple stores. After the Glendale stores, the next two closest Apple stores are the Palo Alto and Stanford stores. They're just 3,738 feet apart. New York City, Las Vegas, and Honolulu are the "most packed" cities with Apple stores. All three cities have three stores within a 4.1 mile radius. The state with the most Apple stores is California, with a whopping 19 stores.

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