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Verizon swaps misbehaving Fascinates with phones that'll make you flip

Zachary Lutz

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If you're among the unfortunate handful of Verizon users whose Samsung Fascinate consistently fails to receive inbound calls after the latest update, we've got good news: Big Red is replacing these unruly handsets free of charge (and without contract extension). Now keep in mind, an in-store Verizon representative must confirm that your phone cannot properly receive calls, because telephone support agents obviously can't verify this one. Once you jump through a few hoops, however, the company will toss you a Certified Like-New Replacement of a Droid Charge, Droid Incredible 2, or Droid X2 as compensation for your plight. Sure it's used, but so is your Fascinate, so chin up -- this time, there's reason to be glad your smartphone doesn't work.

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