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One Shots: Worth the wait

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

MMO gamers generally aren't fond of standing around waiting for something, particularly when the wait time begins being measured in hours rather than minutes. Massively reader Sajud Soljar shows us that it's not always the case in today's One Shots:
I still marvel at the events in Tabula Rasa, especially after the objectives were met. In this case Irendas Colony had successfully been defended and people simply formed a line and waited their turn to be handed their rewards by developers, or sometimes even General British himself.

I remember standing in line for almost two hours before my turn and the line still stretching out behind me. People were joking and having a blast during these moments and every single one remembered to thank the team for their rewards and saluted. We were a special breed of gamers.
Next week's One Shots theme is Some Assembly Required, and yes, it's a little nod to Massively's newest column. If you'd like to participate, send your best screenshot of content that you've created to us at It can be a house you built, an item you crafted, or anything you like as long as it came from your two (virtual) hands. Include your name, the game, and a little description of the image, and we'll feature it here on Massively!

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