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Tribal Trouble 2 plows into open beta


Although GameSamba players have had access to Tribal Trouble 2's beta since the beginning of July, the company is now throwing open the door for any and all who want to try out this colorful MMORTS. This is, of course, the sequel to 2005's goofy Vikings-vs.-natives Tribal Trouble.

Tribal Trouble 2 allows you to customize a personal chieftain who can set out to try to conquer the world, one village at a time while building one of his or her own. While we question the game's merits as a self-proclaimed MMO, the title boasts both single-player missions and PvP modes, as well as an achievement board. Plus, the game has units like the fearsome Chicken Punishers, so you know it's got to be good.

If you're interested, you merely need to hop over to Tribal Trouble 2's website and sign up for the open beta. The game's both free-to-play and browser-based in order to be accessible to all. Additionally, hit the jump to check out the trailer!

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