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Tuesday Morning Post: Stay awhile and farm edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. So. I'm thinking I quit the day job, write freelance articles by night, and spend all day farming the loot mines of Tristram, pulling out bountiful harvests of Tarnhelms and Stones of Jordan to sell in the great markets. Okay, seriously, I wouldn't personally quit my day job to farm uniques, but it's still sort of an awesome feeling to know the option is out there. Also, given Diablo 3 lead designer Jay Wilson's insistence that PVE will never be balanced on the back of PVP and PVP can just deal with it if a PVE ability imbalances PVP, I am officially in love with the man and wish he would come work on WoW too.

Anyway, that's enough Diablo fanboying for one article -- let's get on with the rest of the news. With rolling restarts coming at 5 a.m. PDT, you should have at least a little time to get caught up.

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