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Syncplicity finally makes iOS debut


Syncplicity has introduced its free iOS app today, allowing users to access their accounts from the iPhone and iPad.

The app has a native interface that's optimized for the iPhone and allows you to browse and open any file in your account, including shared folders. This includes full access to any previously saved versions of the file on Syncplicity. A news feed keeps you up to date on when a file has been updated and by who, and you can share any file via text, email or by copying a secure web URL from the iOS client. The Syncplicity app will also let you open stored files in other apps like Documents to Go.

We first reported on Syncplicity when it extended its cloud storage system to OS X in 2009, and like then, it's trying to make a niche in a Dropbox-oriented world. The lack of an iOS app was a hindrance when compared to competitors, so it's past time that Synplicity hit Apple's mobile devices.

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