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Bungie vidoc drops hints, possible art from new project

Justin McElroy

"We wanna build a universe where any crazy shit can happen."

That's one of the few vague/tantalizing statements Bungie staffers make in the latest vidoc from the company: "O Brave New World." Though mainly a rumination on Halo, the nearly hour-long feature makes some passing nods at the "new thing." Including:

1. It's referred to at one point as "Tiger", a codename that's been kicked around for months.
2. A couple of brief scenes are shown while Tiger is being discussed. There's also a scene where two actors have movement and facial animations captured. They're possibly lifted from the new project, but that's pure speculation on our part.
3. The video closes with a picture of this logo which was previously attached to Bungie and the name "Destiny," which may or may not be the working title of an MMOFPS.
4. Bungie co-founder Jason Jones says "One of the reasons that Tiger is so intriguing to people in the studio is it's reaching players in a way we haven't before."

OK, so that's all we know. We'll now leave the speculation to you. Oh, and watch the video itself, of course. The Tiger stuff starts around 53:00, but the whole thing makes for a heck of a compelling story.

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