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BloodRayne XBLA delayed until Oct. 5, SF3 still on time [update]


We wondered whether the "PSN Play" promotion would lead to timed PS3 exclusivity for any of the games within, and our official answer at this point is "yes and no." BloodRayne Betrayal was originally due at the end of August on both PSN and XBLA; it's now due September 6 on PSN. Majesco informed Joystiq that the XBLA version has been bumped to October 5, though the publisher didn't say outright that the Sony deal was the reason.

Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, however, won't have its release date bumped on either platform as a result of the promotion. Capcom confirmed on Unity that the game is still set for August 23 on PSN and August 24 on XBLA. We have inquiries in with the rest of the PSN Play publishers, and we'll update when we hear back.

Update: Sega tells Joystiq that Renegade Ops is still due for a multiplatform release in September.

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