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Sparrow update flies in, alights on Mac App Store


Do you use Sparrow? The popular alternative email app has just been updated to version 1.3.2, so if you're partial to "the bird" for your mail, it's time to head out to the Mac App Store and get the latest version.

Sparrow 1.3.2 brings the following features to the bird feeder:


- Drag and drop mails in your folders / labels in extended sidebar
- Character counter in compose window for Shortmail accounts
- Focus on Compose window in full screen mode

- New conversation view design
- New quick reply design
- Top bar gradient re-design
- New default avatars for incoming mails

Bug fix:
- Transparent text issue in message composer
- Window and sidebar size memory issue
- Alt-L Polish character issue
- Fixed Esc key behavior in fullscreen
- Deminimized animation fixed
- Shift-Cmd-2 in Extended sidebar Unified Inbox
- Copy and paste issue in compose window
- Inline attachments resize issue
- Improved memory usage
- Fixed various crashes

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