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Barnes & Noble offers back to school Nook deal, adds more to your reading list


Thinking about getting an e-reader before you head back to school this fall? Barnes & Noble surely hopes so, and to sweeten the deal it's offering 12 free classics along with study guides and apps if you register your freshly unboxed Nook before October 31st. That's right folks, over $100 worth of e-books can be yours with the purchase of the new Nook, the Nook Color or even the first edition Nook. While it must be said that most of the available titles are out of copyright and so are already available for free download elsewhere (we're looking at you,, you can at least select from a dozen Spark Notes of time-consuming reads such as War and Peace. So if you're looking to take a break from all that Organic Chemistry mumbo jumbo, you can catch up on A Tale of Two Cities in your spare time.

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