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New Guild Wars 2 blog post discusses the Sylvari Soul

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

After a minor delay due to technical difficulties, the latest information on Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Week made it to the ArenaNet blog.

"I love how their virtue blends with their innocence and then contrasts with the darkness of the world surrounding them. This disparity illuminates the sacrifices, gallantry, and tragedies of Tyria's war with the dragons," Design team member Angel McCoy writes. She delves into the lives, loves, and duties of the Sylvari race, answering several questions that fans have been asking, such as how they're born, the intricacies of their emotional attachments, their view of the world around them, and much more.

This entry follows the fashion of previous GW2 race weeks and includes several audio clips to flesh out the text, so be sure you give them a listen. The blog post and audio clips can be found at the ArenaNet blog.

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