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PS3 firmware 3.7 brings auto cloud saves and Trophy sync (for PS Plus members)


An upcoming PS3 firmware update will enable automatic syncing of Trophies to a player's online profile. Before everyone gets too excited, know that the feature is reserved exclusively to PlayStation Plus members. Another PlayStation Plus bonus: automatic online game saves will now be enabled. Upon first playing a game, players will be asked whether or not to enable automatic online saves for that specific title (otherwise, they can enable it from the XMB later).

In the category of "everyone else," the update will add a new recommendation feature that will allow users to recommend specific PlayStation Store content to friends. A new "TV/Video Services" section will also be added to the XMB. The new category will house online video services like Hulu and Netflix. Videos purchased from the PlayStation Store, however, will still be found in the same "Video" section of the XMB.

A handful of updates are also being added to allow for expanded capabilities when watching 3D Blu-ray movies as well.

Firmware 3.7 is scheduled to launch "soon," so stay tuned.

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