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3DS goes Flame Red in North America September 9


We can't be as cynical about Nintendo trying to boost hardware sales, just by releasing a new color, when the company's already taken such drastic measures with the 3DS. But it is releasing a new color too. On September 9, concurrent with Star Fox 64, Nintendo will release the "Flame Red" 3DS system in North America. It will, of course, be sold at the new $169.99 price point alongside the existing "Aqua Blue" and "Cosmo Black" systems.

This color variant was originally released on July 14 in Japan, as the "Flare Red" system. Regardless of the name, we think you get the idea. It's a 3DS and it's red.

Nintendo's press release also teases another eight Ubisoft 3DS releases by the end of the calendar year. That list includes possible standouts like Driver: Renegade, and, according to GameStop's upcoming games list, standard Ubifare like a 3DS version of Imagine: Fashion Designer.

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