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Pocket God set to release 40th (!) content update


Bolt Creative has announced that it's planning to release its 40th content update for the popular Pocket God app, which will feature a mechanic where players can collect idols and battle them against gods, with more idols and gods in future updates to come. The update also includes a "Mafia skin pack" for in-app purchase, which will cosmetically change some of the game's graphics to be Mafia-related.

But what's in the pack isn't quite as amazing as the fact that it's number 40. Nowadays, free-to-play games and in-app purchases are almost commonplace, but back when Pocket God started a few years ago, that definitely wasn't the case. Pocket God and a number of other titles have really paved the way on this model, where gamers can download a game for free or cheap, and then enjoy a steady stream of content updates from the developers, along with solid in-app purchases.

Bolt Creative has grown Pocket God up into quite the successful franchise, and there's no question that all of these regular content updates have helped the app get where it is today. Very impressive -- here's to even 40 more!

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