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Gavin Mackey's artwork captures Pokemon, our nightmares

Jordan Mallory

Growing up, most of the Joystiq staff yearned for the life of a Pokemon trainer. To abscond from our responsibilities and embark on a new life, adventuring and seeing the countryside, all the while capturing and befriending adorable critters and awesome dragons along the way. We double-checked, though, and nowhere in our extensive back catalogue of Joystiq-centric Pokemon fanfiction does it say anything about being afraid to sleep at night because of Mr. Mime's fleshy abdomen and textured finger-pads.

Gavin Mackey's reimagined Pokemon
are beautiful, grotesque, and masterfully well done. His controlled applications of realism counterbalance his pieces' cartoonish proportions, which results in a unique and somewhat disturbing juxtaposition of familiarity and something wholly alien. Hit the source link for more of his phenomenal work; you didn't plan on sleeping tonight anyway, right?

[Thanks, Dan!]

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