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Breakfast Topic: What happens when a raid ends early?


Last week, we started and finished our raid night about 45 minutes into the block of time set aside for downing bosses because, well, all the bosses were dead. We set aside three hours for attempts on Ragnaros 25-man, and he was dead in 45 minutes. Flabbergasted and sort of taken aback, I had no idea what to do. I had set aside all of this time for the night to do what I usually did on Monday nights, and here I was, stupid and perplexed that my time had magically freed up. Four episodes of Breaking Bad later, it was time to sleep.

The night that I am writing this, we are doing the same thing as last week -- Ragnaros is the only one left, and hopefully he dies in a minimal number of attempts. There are so many episodes of Breaking Bad left to watch, League of Legends games to play, articles to get ahead on, and people to see. Even though I could be doing everything and anything, I still love to raid. I guess I'm just a little weird like that.

What do you do when your raid suddenly disappears or all the bosses are dead? Does your guild still use the time to do old content, or does everyone just sort of break for the night? I know it sounds like a weird question; that shock of suddenly having the night available is so wacky sometimes.

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