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HTC sues Apple over patents


HTC has filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming patent infringement on three different patents the company obtained in 2008 and 2009. We don't have a lot of information on what patents these are or what HTC believes the infringement to be, but stay tuned -- as soon as we get a hold of the legal documents, we'll do a full breakdown of what the case is here.

And this will complicate things even further in this patented tech space: Apple already has a lawsuit running against HTC, and in that case they've already earned a partial win. It's possible that this is HTC fighting back in kind. The acquisition of all of Motorola's patents by Google, as announced Monday, also puts a wrinkle in things, as HTC is one of Motorola's biggest Android competitors. It's not clear exactly how the company will deal with Google running its own Android phone manufacturer, so the company might have some issues there as well.

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