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Apple releases iOS 5 beta 6


Are we up to beta 6? Already? Is it nearly September yet? Man, I can't wait for this iOS update to go live for everybody. For now, however, it's available to paid devs only at the iOS developer site.

There, you'll also find all the other items that continue to be synchronously updated to support the beta. Sign in with your developer credentials to gain access to this beta.

Make sure you read any release notes on-site. They usually appear in a big yellow box. I can't tell you how many people e-mailed me after the last beta because they couldn't figure out how to update. Important update notices also appear on the developer forums.

Don't forget to register your device at the developer portal and prepare it for development before installing the new beta onto pre-beta equipment.

The beta is, as always, released under the terms of Apple's NDA. For that reason, enhancements, APIs and features are not listed within this post.

TUAW's iOS 5 coverage -- researched and written by our non-NDA staffers -- is available here.

Happy developing everyone! Thanks, everyone who tipped us.

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