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EVE dev blog talks Incarna 1.1, additional captain's quarters

Jef Reahard

So what's the story with the next iteration of EVE Online's Incarna expansion? The newest CCP dev blog has your answer, and that answer is basically "more captain's quarters." You may recall that EVE's ambulatory makeover launched earlier this summer to a chorus of boohoos from the game's gangster elite, but CCP is nonetheless pressing on with its nefarious agenda to make New Eden into more of a sandbox.

CCP Fallout says that the devs are continuing to "improve the Minmatar CQ while pushing forward with the development of the remaining racial quarters, as well as working apace on establishments."

Incarna 1.1 will show the fruits of these labors in terms of the existing avatar environment, while the remaining quarters and establishments should make their way to the Tranquility test server "later this year."

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