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SWTOR presents the next great galactic sport: Huttball


Forget your regular PvP, in which the objective is to take down the other faction base or capture the flag. Star Wars: The Old Republic introduces us to a new way to face off against your enemies. Of course, we're talking about Huttball.

Massively introduced you to this Nar Shaddaa sport earlier this week, but in this latest video, Director of Production Dallas Dickinson explains the rules and story behind this PvP arena. The highly lethal sport consists of two teams that each attempt to grab the ball from the middle of the Pit and cross that ball over the other team's goal line. It sounds a bit like soccer, but in this game of soccer, lethal force is encouraged. In fact, the Czerka Corporation has provided fire jets and acid pits just to make the game that much more dangerous.

Beyond the break we've provided the full video introduction to this next sport sensation!

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