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The Engadget Show is live, here at 6:00PM ET!

Brian Heater

The Engadget Show is live again, tonight, starting at 6:00PM ET! Not only will it be filmed live in New York City, it will be streaming live to you on these very internets. Lock your browser in to this address at that time and you'll receive yourself a visual treat and an information smorgasbord.

We'll be looking at RIM's latest smartphones and seeing how they fare, taking a trip to Italy to get a peek at what the Ferrari of 2030 might look like, chatting with Fusion Garage's Chandra Rathakrishnan about the Grid 10 and Grid 4 (and why his company deserves a second chance), taking over Times Square, and chatting with the EFF to figure out just what the heck Google is going to do with all those patents.

Again, it'll be live here at 6:00PM ET.

Update: Thanks guys. Look for the recording early next week!

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