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Gaming for the gold: Na'vi take the first International Dota 2 Championships title


Pay homage to the kings of the International Dota 2 Championships, Na'vi! These six Ukrainian studs won $1 million over the five-day tournament held at Gamescom, followed by China's Ehome, who landed in second place. The top eight teams competed bravely, so show some respect as follows:

1. Na'vi - $1 million
2. Ehome - $250,000
3. Scythe.SG - $150,000
4. MYM - $80,000
5. (tied) M5, iG - $35,000 each
7. (tied), Mith-Trust - $25,000 each

Handing out over $1.5 million to the people who love your game enough to make it a career seems like a wonderful advertising strategy from Valve. Maybe eventually it'll be altered to include people who love Valve's games but have day jobs too. Maybe.

[Thanks, Aibbi!]

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