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Oppo's Android-based X903 smartphone gets previewed


We didn't exactly get the most extensive look at Oppo's new Android-based X903 smartphone when the company announced it with Leonardo DiCaprio's help earlier this month, but our pals from Engadget Chinese thankfully managed to come through on that front in a big way. As you can see, the phone's brushed metal exterior certainly makes this one an eye catcher, although that apparently also contributes to a weight that's a tad on the heavy side (there's also a full QWERTY keyboard tucked underneath, albeit one that apparently suffers a bit from some short key travel). Those trade-offs also extend to some of the phones specs; you'll get a high-end 4-inch IPS display, for instance, but you'll have to make do without a front-facing camera. Hit the source link below for the full preview.

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