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Samsung's N102 is an N100 clone, ditches MeeGo for Windows 7 Starter


Were you mostly on board with the N100, but wished Sammy would have held the MeeGo? Those of you in India or Russia are apparently in luck, as Notebook Italia has spotted its Windows-toting twin: the N102. Identical to the N100 in every other way, 10-inch netbook kicks the open source OS to the curb, opting instead for the pared down Windows 7 Starter Edition. Naturally, you'll pay a little extra for the privilege, as the 8,930 Roubles (around $320) gizmo is about 50 bones more than its MeeGo-wielding doppelgänger. Or, you know, you could just buy the N100, bask in open-source goodness and then put that half-Benjamin toward the purchase of a real copy of Windows.

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