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APB Reloaded gets North American retail distributor

Jef Reahard

OK, remember last month when GamersFirst seemed to shoot down the notion of APB Reloaded coming to a retail shelf near you?

Apparently those rumors were more than idle scuttlebutt, and senior marketing VP Rahul Sandil's statement that GamersFirst was evaluating its options was more than idle PR-speak. In a new press release issued this morning, GamersFirst revealed that it is partnering with Interactive Gaming Software to bring the massively multiplayer shooter to your local gaming store. Sandil says that "the response from retail has been so overwhelming that we are considering launching with a half-million units."

What will retail customers get for their $29.95? Aside from the box and manual, the package boasts $50 worth of in-game items including a permanent high-performance vehicle, a permanent in-game weapon, and 30 days of premium account access (which grants increased mission rewards, reputation gains, and a 20% cash shop discount).

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