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Sprint brings short-term data passes to HTC EVO View 4G, the contract-averse silently applaud


Because tablets were made to consume data, Sprint's launching an alternative pay model for those hesitant to enter into long-term contracts. Available now from the Hesse-led carrier, HTC EVO View 4G owners can select a per day, week, or even month data pass according to their wireless appetite. If you're amongst the shackled hordes currently subscribing to a monthly package, you're gonna have to sit this one out. For the commitment-phobic, however, there's a $14.99 day plan that nets users 150MB of 3G / 4G use, a $29.99 week plan that ups the ante to 500MB, and the top end $49.99 month pass that serves up 1.5GB of wireless radio soup. In the event you haven't been sufficiently seduced, the third place network's even thrown in a "free day" promo pass to get you hooked started on that "third device." Be sure to head to the source for the full à la carte breakdown.

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