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Exclusive: Referee Ruby plays Treasure War in Free Realms


Referee Ruby is back again this week with another exclusive Free Realms video, this time showing off the Treasure War card game. Accessible through Greenwood Forest, Treasure War is a simple, card-styled rock-paper-scissors game in which players pit their cards against opponents' cards in an attempt to steal -- you guessed it -- treasure. The game features three modes: Quickplay, for low-risk, speedy, and fun matches vs. other players; Campaign, which requires the participant to face off against increasingly difficult NPCs for prizes; and Tournament, a competitive version of Quickplay that offers lucrative rewards.

Ruby notes that Treasure War isn't a standard TCG in which you build a custom deck; instead, your cards are chosen at random from your collection by the game itself. Of course, the Free Realms cash shop sells gems that can boost your odds of winning if you really need that extra edge. You can also purchase card packs for a chance at rare prizes like the glowy phoenix mount Ruby's riding at the end of the trailer.

Enjoy the full video just behind the break!

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