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BloodRayne Betrayal bumped up to September 7 on XBLA


A few weeks ago, Majesco told us that the XBLA release of BloodRayne: Betrayal had been pushed back to October 6. However, we've heard a new date from someone who ought to know: Rayne herself. The heroic dhampir (or perhaps a PR person under her name) tweeted that the game will be out on XBLA September 7, just one day after the PSN release.

That's great news for XBLA users looking to blow up some fancy vampires with poisonous bites. It's slightly less great news for the PSN Play promotion, which loses the closest thing it had to a timed exclusive. You still get extra "gifts" with the PSN Play pre-order, though.

[Thanks, sacra.]

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