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Super Monday Night Combat prepares for freemium fight


Super Monday Night Combat, launching sometime on PC in the "next several months," is a freemium pseudo-sequel to Uber Entertainment's class-based shooter. Speaking with Kotaku, Uber says that the gameplay will essentially remain the same, with teams escorting their robotic minions to destroy the Moneyball for cash and glory.

Super MNC will wander off the established expectations of the first game with all-new levels that don't resemble futuristic arenas, and avoid the propensity for one-hit kills found in the original. "People tend to live a little bit longer [in the new game.] There's a lot more tactical battles, so the gameplay is a little bit more intense," said Creative Director John Comes. The company is also shifting the way turrets and bots operate to encourage more teamwork.

The original Monday Night Combat was a fantastic game that suffered from a severe case of launch hiccups on XBLA, but eventually found its footing as a PC title. A freemium version of MNC sounds like a great idea, especially if Uber supports it with the type of solid updates and robust systems we've seen it deliver to the original version.

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