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VidRhythm is Harmonix's mash-up music video-generating iOS app


Harmonix's VidRhythm, available next month on the iOS App Store, involves performing clips that last only a few seconds with your camera-equipped iOS device, and then watching them be transformed into an insane mash-up music video. One wouldn't necessarily classify it as a "game," but you'll likely be competing against your friends to see who can delve deeper, and more creatively, into the gaping maw of madness that VidRhythm presents.

IGN, which has clips of the app in action, notes the program will ship with 25 tracks and that clips can easily be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook with a single button. It's also possible to export the mini masterpieces of monstrous diversion as .mov files.

We found VidRhythm's interface incredibly intuitive when we had the opportunity to mess around with the app in the wee morning hours at Gamescom. Harmonix's John Drake and Eric Pope also briefly discussed the app's origin as guests on The Joystiq Show during the convention.

We also discovered VidRhythm's sound clips are easy to customize once you've gotten a grip on how it'll be presented in the final product. For example, the image above came out when we changed the words "Go" and "Team" to "Joy" and "Stiq" in a particular clip. We hope to share our VidRhythm experimentation -- which we lovingly refer to as "nightmare creations" -- sometime soon.

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