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ASUS MARS II gets reviewed, deemed the fastest single graphics card on the market


Well, that insane ASUS MARS II card we got to feast our eyes on back in June has finally started rolling off the assembly line. That means it's time for the hardware fanatics and gaming freaks to start putting them through their paces. HotHardware said the dual GTX 580-packing card was "quite simply the fastest single graphics card we have ever tested, bar none." And everyone else seemed to agree. Now, obviously there are drawbacks -- the 3GB card is an absolute power hog (requiring 600-watts all by itself) and insanely pricey at $1,499. You could even buy three separate GTX 580 cards for slightly less, use the same number of slots and get better performance, but the MARS II has one other thing going for it -- status. Only 999 of these beasts will be made. After they're all snatched up you'll have to head to eBay, and pay a hefty premium over it's already absurd price. But, if you absolutely have to have the best performance you can out of a single card solution, this is the clear choice. If you need more detail about just how badly this spanks the competition check out the reviews below.

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