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R-Type coming to Android September 12

Jordan Mallory

"But wait," some of you youngsters might be thinking. "How can those stickers I'm always seeing on Toyota Celicas and Mitsubishi Eclipses be coming to my phone? Why would I even want that?"

Take a seat, junior, you might learn something: Before R-Type adorned the window/bumper of every import with a fat pipe and under lighting, it was the name of one of the most iconic and ground-breaking shooters ever made. And now, retro-game refurbisher DotEmu is bringing Irem's historic xenophobic extermination simulator back to life on September 12, via the Android Marketplace and Amazon's AppStore for Android.

All of the items and power-ups from the original are said to be present and accounted for, with touch controls taking over for the obviously absent joystick and buttons. Remakes like this strike us as perfect candidates for the Xperia Play, though no details were given as to whether or not Android devices with buttons will be able to circumvent the touch controls. No price point or Android OS version requirements have been given either, but we'd be surprised if it required anything newer than 2.2.

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Top 80's Shoot'em'up R-TypeTM soon on Android devices

Available on September 12th 2011

Paris, France – August 25th 2011 – DotEmu, developer and publisher specialized in bringing retro games back to life, is proud to announce the imminent release of the emblematic R-Type™ for Android devices.

Initially developed and published by Irem in 1987, R-Type™ has become an essential game on arcade cabinet, Amiga, Atari, Amstrad, Commodore 64 and PC. Today this masterpiece is ported for Android devices by DotEmu. The publishing will be handled by DotEmu in Europe/USA and by Worker Bee Inc in Japan.

Pilot the R-9a Arrowhead, the last hope of human race in its war against alien invader Bydo!

R-Type™ for Android is a real diving in your youth and will include all the feature of the original:

A large amount of items and powers-up to collect through various and sharpened sets.
Strong enemies and bosses at the end of each level (8 altogether).
The famous « charge shot » for more power!
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R-Type™ for Android will come along two difficulty modes and a new intuitive control system - full touch mode - to directly control your spaceship. Get your hand on a real blast from the past and (re)discover all the hype from the 80's!

R-Type™ will be available on September 12th 2011 for Android Market and Amazon AppStore for Android. Stay tuned with all last R-Type™ Android news on:

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