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Scarlet Legacy prepping mammoth beta update for September 1st


The open beta MMO that's not afraid to bribe players to come give it a try is gearing up for one of its biggest updates yet. Scarlet Legacy is counting down the hours until it uploads an elephant's worth of content onto the servers for testers to enjoy (and, hopefully, thoroughly vet).

This September 1st content update includes, but is not limited to, an increase in level cap to 45, dozens of new skills, 12 additional stances, three more maps, 68 quests, 46 crafting recipes, 154 weapons and pieces of armor, eight pets, high-level events, and a partridge in a pear tree. Well, maybe not the partridge.

It's hard to say which part of the content update is most enticing, although our money is on the three new maps with intriguing names like Hidden Evil Island and Ancient Grave. There's also a virgin dungeon that's ready to be plundered for its goodies: Soul Trapping Matrix. For story lovers, the tale of Princess Scarlet will be extended up through level 45 to match the level cap increase.

GamesCampus vows to release similarly large updates "at least once a month" from here on out.

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