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Apple reportedly prepping remote iOS diagnostic tools


According to Hardmac, Apple is testing a remote diagnostic tool for iOS devices. The tool will allow support personnel to obtain information on a device's UDID, name, battery diagnostics, iOS version, and crash logs via an entirely online interface. The supposed intent behind this tool is to simplify the process of troubleshooting and diagnosing iOS device faults when bringing the device in for a physical inspection is impractical.

MacRumors notes that Apple has employed several similar remote diagnostic tools for quite some time, but according to Apple retail sources these tools have not yet seen widespread use. Apple Store Geniuses have found it both easier and faster to simply plug devices into a computer for diagnosis. However, this tool could be useful to AppleCare's phone support agents by greatly streamlining the process of obtaining device information from users.

Hardmac says the new diagnostic tool will be deployed "in the next months everywhere."

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