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XL Games details three ArcheAge races

Jef Reahard

XL Games has added to the trickle of ArcheAge information making its way to the West with a new race-related reveal this morning. The fantasy sandpark will feature eight distinct races, and though we've known their names for some time now, the new info drop is the first opportunity we've had to look at the Hariharans, Dwarves, and Warborn.

Dwarves are -- as you might guess -- short, stubborn, and fond of metal. Hariharans aren't quite as exotic as the name suggests, given that they're one of two human races in the world of ArcheAge. In terms of lore, there's no love lost between Hariharans and their Nuian counterparts, and the former tend towards light weapons and armor while the latter favor heavy weapons and heavier mail.

Finally, XL also revealed the Warborn, and ArcheAge Online describes them as "neither demons nor humans, but a gigantic race who excel at killing things."

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