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Google releases an official Blogger iPhone app


A few days after the entire service had a redesign, Blogger now has something users have been waiting for for a while: an official iPhone app. Google has released the Blogger app to the App Store, and it's now available for download. The app allows you to do everything you'd expect with the Blogger service, including save, edit, and publish posts, as well as uploading pictures and adding location information.

It appears you can't edit any of your templates or HTML, or even manage comments from the app, so this isn't a full-service setup, just a way to quickly post from the road on your blog. There's no iPad version, either, though there are quite a few iPad apps out there that do support posting to Blogger directly.

Having an official app like this will probably be enough for a lot of people, especially for a relatively simple CMS like Blogger. The Blogger app is of course available for free.

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