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Street Fighter X Tekken bar brawl teases Rufus, Marshall Law, Zangief

Jordan Mallory

Capcom's cinematics department must be working on permanent mandatory overtime, as yet another character trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken has been revealed by Famitsu. Mostly concerned with Street Fighter 4's Rufus, the latest trailer (above) also corroborates previous teasers which hinted at everyone's favorite Underoos spokesman, Zangief. Marshall Law also makes an appearance, albeit in a more gaseous form.

We figure you'd have to be pretty damn sloshed to mistake Tekken's portly prodigy Bob Richards for Street Fighter's hardbodied heart-throb Ken Masters, but they are both blonde Americans, and we're willing to accept virtually any contrived excuse that allows Capcom characters to battle their direct Namco counterparts.

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