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Survey shows iPhone 5 anticipation is high


It's no secret that customers are eagerly awaiting the next iPhone. It's another thing to support that theory with some empirical data.

Philip Elmer-Dewitt points out a survey conducted by ChangeWave last month. The group queried 2,200 potential iPhone customers and found that 31% of participants said they were very/somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5. That percentage exceeds a similar measure of iPhone 4 pre-launch demand of 25%.

Additionally, 66% of current iPhone owners surveyed said they intend to buy the new version. More than half of Sprint and T-Mobile customers surveyed -- 54% and 53%, respectively -- said they are significantly/more likely to buy an iPhone if those carries offer it.

As for the iPad, it's hot for back-to-school. Participants in ChangeWave's survey who intend to buy a tablet overwhelmingly indicated interest in the iPad, as seen below.

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