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Star Wars ads find their way into Deus Ex: Human Revolution loading screens

Deus Ex: Human Revolution plays host to a wide assortment of advertisements for fictional future-products (like robot eyes and face-installed sunglasses) -- but the game now sports a promo for a real-life, purchasable thing. The game's loading screen occasionally includes a tiny banner announcing the launch of the Star Wars Blu-ray trilogy, as seen in the corner of the image posted above.

Some of the billboards built into the game's environment are equipped to sport dynamic advertisements, but we haven't noticed anything as unsubtle as this. We suppose it could be worse! The advertisement could just pop up during a climactic boss battle. Or Darth Vader could just make a totally out-of-place cameo in one of Detroit's seedy alleyways. Actually, no, wait. That would be rad.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

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