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The MMO Report: Unwanted guests from Connecticut edition

Jef Reahard

This week's MMO Report finds host Casey Schreiner in fine form despite the disconcerting presence of another neck-bearded nerd crowding the camera during the show's opening monologue. The interloper turns out to be Schreiner's cousin Dave, who is apparently taking our intrepid host up on last week's hospitality offer.

Never fear, though -- there is some MMO news to be had during the show's eight-minute running time. City of Heroes and its upcoming free-to-play conversion gets a mention, as does the Star Wars The Old Republic trailer focused on Smugglers (who Casey says will "kick you in the nuts, tag you with a sticky grenade, and laugh in your face as you fall to your knees in agony"). There's also a blurb about Dungeons and Dragons Online's new update, RIFT's latest promotion, Minecraft's adventure pack, and of course Uncle Casey's mailbag. Check it out after the break.

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