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How would you change Dell's XPS 15z?

Darren Murph

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It's the slickest mainstream machine to emerge from Round Rock in years, and outside of the short-lived Adamo XPS, it might just be the most beautiful Dell laptop from the past decade. It's the XPS 15z, and it's winning the hearts of folks who were previously dead-set on HP's Envy line. We obviously found favor with our review unit, and we're pretty sure the company has managed to move quite a few of these things. If one (or more) ended up on your doorstep, here's your chance to speak out. Are you satisfied with the keyboard design? How's the panel treating your retinas? That hardware configuration living up to your needs? Would you offer the next one in a multitude of hues? Go ahead and get crafty in comments below -- maybe that whole "Design Studio" thing will bleed over to here.

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