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Secret agent indie Gunpoint makes being an electrician cool

Justin McElroy

From plumbers and farmers to ... Noids, video games have a long tradition of elevating blue collar jobs to rockstar status. Now, after eying these new Gunpoint screens, it looks like we'll be adding "electrician" to that list when Tom Francis' secret agent game arrives this Christmas.

As you can see in the prototype video after the break, Gunpoint casts the player as a secret agent breaking into high-security facilities. Though he's good with his fists and has one hell of a vertical, the agent's most notable tool is the Crosslink, which lets him rewire buildings. So, for instance, a guard attempting to use a light switch inadvertently opens a crucial door for our hero, or maybe even electrifies a buddy.

We're not making it sound particularly thrilling, we know. But check out the demo video and the game's brand new look in the gallery below. We're sure you'll get a ... charge out of them.

Because electricity.

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