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Behold! The Joystiq T-Shirt Contest winner!

Justin McElroy

After exhaustive staff deliberations and input from you, we've finally chosen the fan-submitted shirt that Joystiq will lovingly drape across your torsos in the weeks to come. See which design reigned supreme, after the break.

So many submissions spoke to what Joystiq and gaming means to each of you, but the winner we selected was a unique, bold symbol that we'd like to think anyone can get behind. Maybe it's too cool for us, but hey, at least it's something to which we can aspire.

Tomorrow, you'll get the first look at our other design, a retro tribute by Mr. Cory Schmitz that we think you're just going to love.

Josh Smith

Congratulations, Josh! (You can see more of his work here if you're interested.) Both Josh's and Cory Schmitz's shirts will be on sale soon at TopatoCo. We hope you love them.

To all of you who entered, we're sorry you didn't win, but thank you so, so much for your designs. Your enthusiasm for Joystiq and our community here really means the world to us.

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