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BioWare talks SWTOR testing, post-release content

Jef Reahard

BioWare project director James Ohlen is apparently on the PR circuit of late, as a new interview at Gamasutra marks his second major gaming publication appearance in the last two days. This time around, there's nary a mention of Star Wars: The Old Republic's companions.

There is, however, some interesting chit-chat about polish, post-release content plans, and the necessity of MMORPG playtesting. Ohlen downplays the notion that large-scale fan testing is paramount to a game's success, saying that "the big changes that we've been making were planned from way before."

He acknowledges that beta testers have their uses, but says that the BioWare devs would be "terrible game designers" if they didn't figure things out on their own. "It's good for fans to feel like they're having an impact, and sometimes they do," Ohlen says. "There [have] been surprises on the project, but mostly they've come from us playtesting this stuff."

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